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this photo was taken by Sonia Garbès Putzel during a short session of exploration in playing with instability . Cette photo a été prise par Sonia Garbès-Putzel lors d’une courte cession d’exploration du jeu sur l’instabilité. 

This section of my website will be a place where I share my explorations about acting and the stage. For more see the BLOG posts.

Playing with instability.

Daily and non-daily movement.

Non-daily movement on stage.

Thoughtfulness in acting.

Thoughtfulness in acting and the Alexander Technique.

Thoughtfulness and Presence on stage.

The Great Gray Owl message.

What about the plumb line?

Body and mind.

Stage and space.

Neutral mask.

Words and movement.

Spirit and heart of the actor.

Words and non-words.

Pre-expressivity in movement.


The actor and the audience.

The visible & the invisible

Reading the alethiometer

searching for alterity

energy flow


skills can be shared. talent can be encouraged and nurtured.


I was trained at the Atlantic School in NYC, have a  Master’s in teaching languages, have experience in acting, stage designing and directing, and I am certified in the Alexander Technique.  

The actor’s LAB: A mosaic  approach to explore acting.
The LAB is not prescriptive but descriptive and exploratory. Participants are expected to work hard, be on time, unleash their own creativity and have fun. 

For info and To register go to the calendar.

Introduction to Body in Space

Introduction to Space  & Stage

Introduction to the Actor’s body

Introduction to Words & Non Words

Introduction to Reaction & Action

Introduction to Sounds & Images

Introduction to Drop the Mask

Introduction to Permanence & Transience of the character

Introduction to Heart & Spirit of the actor