What is the Alexander technique about and for whom?

about the Alexander Technique 

It is about

Improving ease, support, balance and coordination in stillness and movement anytime anywhere;
exploring easier and safer alternatives in the way we sit, walk, move around, bike, talk, pick up something,
at home, in the garden, while driving, or cooking, at the computer, playing our favorite musical instrument and our favorite sport, writing, walking etc..


reducing potential harm (body and mind)we may bring to ourself,
learning to be our own agent for this long term empowerment,
as well as
enjoying new ways to think how our body works in simple or complex situations,
improving our self-esteem.
exploring the crucial interconnectedness between support, balance, coordination, sustainability for our body in stillness or in movement.. 
exploring new ways to think about ourselves,
new ways to think about the space around us.

exploring ways to be more patient
less judgmental
with ourselves and 
with others
while being as efficient if not more efficient
at home or at work
in challenging times

after an Alexander Technique lesson

  • you may feel lighter in your movements and might need to re-adjust your pace.(Foe example, I myself usually have to go down the stairs more carefully if I don’t want to miss the step!).
  • take notes of what you remember and write down your questions for the teacher for the next time.
  • do not try to actually re-enact what has happened: just think, re-visualize what has happened.
  • hear in your mind the words and sentences you have heard: do not DO anything. 
  • smile !

long term Alexander Technique embodiment

Own it! No need to plan for long term embodiment. Because learning the Alexander Technique is experiential learning, by definition, since the first lesson, you own it!  Your body begins to be aware of the new possibilities. Each additional lesson, along with consistent practice in thinking the right way,  will reinforce the chosen (by you) the new way of using your body. The selected (by you) new habit will at some point replace the one you are getting rid of. You will own a new way of using your body. You become the master of your own improvement in doing more easily whatever you are doing. 


for whom?

To think and to act according to the principles of the Technique is within the reach of everyone. 

To learn how to better use what life has given us from the beginning, this concerns any of us.  But one needs to want it.

Behind a desk, a computer, a sewing machine, the kitchen sink, in a wheel chair, driving or flying, biking, walking, having in hand a hammer, a shovel, a painting brush, playing the piano or the clarinet, dancing, you name it!

Whatever the age ( child, teen, adult, elder), whatever the physical condition (I am not talking about medical issues), studying the way to think and to behave according to the principles discovered by F.M. Alexander and developed along the years by the professionals of this technique render life more easy, efficient, and pleasant.

Learning good habits in the use of the self, body and mind, can reduce the number of medical visits. Hence, it is about prevention.

As in case of pain and handicap, the learning of the Alexander Technique will bring relief.

Alexander Technique DOES NOT replace your medical specialist.
Practicing the Alexander Technique is like taking care of your teeth! It does not replace your dentist nor your medical specialist! So in case of medical situation, DO visit your doctor! Meanwhile, with Alexander Technique on your side, you may happily reduce the number of visits. For your own pleasure and I am sure the one of your health care taker. 


call for diversity !

 Georgette’s long time moto has been that

life is a mosaic; diversity is essential

Georgette is welcoming diversity in the groups she interacts and works with. 

On 07/20/2021, the AmSAT declares on their website:

AmSAT Statement on Diversity and Anti-Racism

The Membership of the American Society for the Alexander Technique denounces and repudiates all racist statements written by F.M. Alexander and the racist evolutionary theories he used in his writings;

The AmSAT Membership stands for the practice and promotion of the Alexander Technique that fosters environments where equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism can flourish; recognizing that those debunked theories and pseudoscience referred to by Alexander do not represent the Technique we teach.