What is the Alexander Technique about?

it is about

Improving ease, support, balance and coordination in stillness and movement anytime anywhere;

exploring easier and safer alternatives in the way we sit, walk, move around, bike, talk, pick up something,

at home, in the garden, while driving, or cooking, at the computer, playing our favorite musical instrument and our favorite sport, writing, walking etc..


reducing potential harm (body and mind)we may bring to ourself,

learning to be our own agent for this long term empowerment,

as well as

enjoying new ways to think how our body works in simple or complex situations,


improving our self-esteem.

and it is about

exploring the crucial interconnectedness between support, balance, coordination, sustainability for our body in stillness or in movement.. 

exploring new ways to think about ourselves,

and new ways to think about the space around us.

exploring ways to be more patient,

less judgmental,

with ourselves and 

with others

while being as efficient if not more efficient,


at home or at work,

in challenging times 

or easy times.