private sessions

tailored to your needs

Alexander Technique is experiential learning; the experience is on your own Self; you are the one who goes through the experience with your body and your mind;  one on one sessions allow a deep connection with your self.

Your teacher will start working with you from where YOU are.

You will GAIN new habits in the use of your Self as tools for you to keep for ever every day in every situation.

You will learn HOW to : 

  • prevent or recover from injury.
  • ease your learning and practicing of a sport (biking, swimming, running, horse riding, etc ), a musical instrument, artistic activities (acting, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, etc.)
  • face your screen task more easily (computing, writing, drawing, etc.)
  • endure your professional posture (for ex. when one is on their feet and bending over all day long) with more ease and stamina.

what to expect

Your teacher will meet you where you are. 

Hands light guidance on your neck or shoulder to bring awareness. As a gentle reminder of where your body is.

Experience your body in stillness and movement in a different way

Discover and Recognize a change in the sensation of the experience of just sitting or standing or walking.

Ultimately embody the new way as a new tool for self prevention and improvement in anything you do in your professional or personal everyday life.

Table work is one aspect of an Alexander Technique lesson: a place where you gain a new awareness in the way your body can rest and move with ease and less or no pain. The table is higher than the floor and easier for the teacher to be at your level when you are lying down. 

Visit the site for more information about the Alexander technique
and if you still have some concern or specific question, do not hesitate to meet with me via zoom for a Complimentary Consultation.