the Alexander technique is for

for whom, when, where, how…

To think and to act according to the principles of the Technique is within the reach of everyone. 

To learn how to better use what life has given us from the beginning, this concerns any of us.  One just needs to want it.

Behind a desk, a computer, a sewing machine, the kitchen sink, in a wheel chair, driving or flying, biking, walking, having in hand a hammer, a shovel, a painting brush, playing the piano or the clarinet, dancing, you name it!

Whatever your age ( child, teen, adult, elder), whatever your physical condition (I am not talking about medical issues), studying the way to think and to act according to the principles discovered by F.M. Alexander and developed along the years by the professionals of this technique would but render life more easy, efficient, and pleasant.

This being said,
good habits in the use of the self, body and mind, could reduce the number of medical visits. Hence, it is about prevention.

As in case of pain and handicap, the learning of the Alexander Technique will bring a relief, not a treatment, but a relief.


call for diversity !

 Georgette’s long time moto has been that

life is a mosaic; diversity is essential

Georgette has been (with often painful maladresses) and is still, doing her best to include diversity in the groups she interacts and works with. She applied her moto when creating THEATRE MOSAIC MOND, registered as MOSAIC MOND in Vermont in 2006.

Now as a teaching member of the AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique), she will keep applying her moto. 

Until she learns better, may be from one of the readers, how to improve this situation, Georgette will do her best to diversify her teaching so that interested persons can select they accessible way to learn the Alexander Technique. It seems for now that group learning is financially the more accessible. Although private A.T. lessons are the best, there is a lot one can learn via groups, when dedicated and serious. 

On 07/20/2021, the AmSAT declares on their website:

AmSAT Statement on Diversity and Anti-Racism

The Membership of the American Society for the Alexander Technique denounces and repudiates all racist statements written by F.M. Alexander and the racist evolutionary theories he used in his writings;

The AmSAT Membership stands for the practice and promotion of the Alexander Technique that fosters environments where equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism can flourish; recognizing that those debunked theories and pseudoscience referred to by Alexander do not represent the Technique we teach.