learning french

the basics

It is about sounds, words, sentences, speech and thoughts. About awareness, communication and getting along. About sharing facts, ideas, sensations, feelings. It is about human life in its complex and amazing diversity. 

At around 1000 words you begin feeling good.

At around 3 000 words, speech is enabled.

At around 6 000 words, you may begin to think in french.

Learn the 4 skills of the language at the same time: reading, listening, writing and speaking. I find that they help each others in the process. 

Learn Standard French, the one you will be understood with almost everywhere French is spoken.

Learn a specific terminology related to a specific activity of your interest.

Learn to understand the pronunciation and other language habits of people speaking French in Quebec or in South of France.

Learn the skill you need to own a balanced use of the 4 skills of the language. 

Learn to embody the language skills as you learn them.

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practical information

On-Line Audio-Visual learning !

My teaching of the French language is OnLine/Audio-Visual:

1- to prevent the spread of Covid-19

2- to protect the environment

3- to give more chance to the learners to engage in the listening/talking pair of skills usually lagging behind the reading/writing skills. 

I am a native speaker with more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and a Master’s in teaching foreign languages. I specialize in pronunciation (not accents) and advance levels (humanities).

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